I looked down upon another world and saw that it was bright and fair.
I wondered if there was someone there, who looked down on this world with wonder, awe, or fear.

Do you realize that when you look up into the sky, you are also looking down on other worlds? You can’t see them with the naked eye, but they are there. Maybe there is someone out there looking down on you, at the same time you are looking at them. Do you ever wonder if they are wondering if you are there, looking at them?

If you could make eye contact across millions or billions of light years, what would it be like? A brief awkward glance? Love at first sight? Or just a casual “How are you?” as you go about your day?

Could we connect with and find common ground with creatures born on a different world? In a different part of the galaxy, the universe?

We all too often have a hard time finding common ground with people living in a different country, practicing a different religion, or even with those living across the street.

Imagine you walk into a cafeteria or a restaurant, and there are two groups of people at two different tables, and you have never met anyone in the room. One group is having a friendly conversation, spattered with laughter. The other group is arguing, rather loudly, and hurling spiteful insults at each other. If you had to walk up and introduce yourself to one of those groups, which one would you choose?

Maybe the reason we haven’t run into other life in the universe is because no one wants to introduce themselves to a world full of hateful, violent people who can’t even get along with their own species or their own planet.


Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Conundrums?

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