Butterfly 1


Butterfly just fluttering by
just floating on the breeze
on bright gossamer wings

Wishing you would land
on my outstretched hand
if only for a moment

But I am not as bright as you
or the flowers you hover around
I doubt you know I exist

Of the flowers you’ve got your fill
you bounce away upon the breeze
Butterfly just fluttering by

Butterfly 6

I saw this bright yellow butterfly back in August, and managed to take 6 pictures of it before it flew off out of sight. I was thinking about that experience the other day when I noticed that same bush looking so sad and forlorn now in December. The words “Butterfly flutterby floating on the wind” popped into my head, and I ended up writing the above poem out of it.
I like the poem, because it captures those few moments of me trying to get a decent picture perfectly.
But I also was amazed to realize, as I was writing it, that the poem could have more than one meaning. I love how poems can be so clear, and yet so ambiguous at the same time. They also often take on a life all their own. You might have one thing in mind when you start writing, but sometimes the words take you somewhere you never thought of. Sometimes your original thought changes completely, other times new meanings or possibilities are layered on top of or behind your original idea that you had no idea were possible.

Well, enough of me babbling on, here are the other 4 pictures I took that day in August:

Butterfly 2 Butterfly 3

Butterfly 4 Butterfly 5


I put this post together very early this morning, but for some reason it didn’t publish. I went back and forth a lot, trying to decide if I still wanted to post it this evening, after the horrific events that took place today. I thought a lot about posting anything at all.

But then I thought, what does a world need, when it’s filled with violence and tragedy? The world needs to be inundated with peaceful things. If we can start filling the world with peace, maybe we can push the hate out of our world.

Will a few pictures of a butterfly and a quiet poem change the world and drive out hate and pain? No. Nor will they likely ever bring any real solace or comfort to anyone effected by madness like we’ve seen today. This little post is at most a tiny little drop of peace in an ocean of senseless violence.

Even though it is small, perhaps it is enough to help bring a small smile to someone who was feeling down, or slightly upset. If so, then it was worth posting this.
Hopefully others have been posting or will post positive, peaceful things. Perhaps people will also find other ways to share peaceful moments with others, and peace can spread. Perhaps this world, with so much violence, pain, and hate, can slowly and quietly fill up with peace.

Here is another poem, that I wrote many years ago, that comes close to describing some of my many moods and emotions today:

Throwing Stones

Silently I cry

And throw stones off this cliff
To try and vent my anger, my pain
The rocks bounce down and loudly clatter

My tears slide down and silently splatter

The stones hit more stones, and rocks, and boulders,
And they all thunder down together

My salty tears do no more than sink softly into the sand

The avalanche I started is now quite large and loud
Rocks and boulders rolling down this cliff
It’s getting larger all the time
Rooting up trees and tearing a
Deep scar in the face of the earth

Looking down I see a small moist circle
Of sand, created by my falling tears
And in the center a small, weak shoot
Struggling to survive in the dusty soil

I don’t throw stones any more.


May the world stop throwing stones some day, so we can take the time to heal our wounds, ease our pain, and live our lives in peace.

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