So a few days ago I was thinking about hand sanitizer. (Yeah, yeah, I know. Who thinks about hand sanitizer?) Hand sanitizer. You know, the waterless cleanser that kills 99.99% of the most common germs out there. In my home and where I work, I have the choice between washing my hands and using hand sanitizer. Sometimes I do one, sometimes the other.
Well, when you wash your hands, you get them wet, scrub with sudsing anti-bacterial soap, (I just read that “sudsing” is slang for drinking. As in beer. Weird.) then you rinse off and dry your hands. Not too bad. The worst part is the automatic sinks at my work. The water can get really hot, it sometimes feels like I can sanitize my hands using the water only.
But, when using the waterless hand sanitizer, you get a blob of the stuff on your hand, and rub your hands together, and then… nothing. That’s it. There’s nothing else.

So…you kill 99.99% of all those nasty germies on your hands, and then what? All those dead germs just disappear? Or do you end up leaving all those corpses of all those germs rotting on your hands? Is it really all that sanitizing?

I just don’t get it. I use hand sanitizer, but I don’t think I truly understand it.

Hopefully I haven’t started anyone down the road of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. You really don’t need to wash your hands in boiling water 37 and a half times a day. Really.

On an entirely different topic, I noticed today that the number of comments on my blog has exceeded the number of posts! I think it must have happened several days ago, because the comments are about double the posts, but today is the first day I noticed the numbers. For a while at the very beginning of my blog –

Wait. Hold that thought. I’ll be right back…
Alright, I’m back. Sorry about that. Had to break away for a minute to have a slice of homemade orange poppy-seed sweet bread that I got from a co-worker of mine. His wife made it. Delicious. No, I don’t have the recipe. If you want it, let me know and I’ll ask for it.

Anyway, for a while there at the very beginning of my blog – I say very beginning because my blog is still very new – I noticed that the number of comments stayed equal to the number of blog posts for several days. But not any more! I have a lot more comments than posts now. I don’t know what that means, probably nothing at all, just something I noticed.

The other day I wrote about how I write on days that I feel dissatisfied (dissatisfaction) and I said that sometimes I start writing and I find it hard to stop, the ideas and the words keep coming, so I keep writing and writing and writing, and that’s ok.
Well, it’s usually ok. Unless I write right through my bedtime and for hours afterwards. I’m adult, so it’s not like my Mommy gets mad at me and takes away my favorite toys if I don’t go to bed on time, but I do still have to work most days you know. But I don’t want to stop writing. Since starting this blog, I have gone to bed on my own pre-determined bedtime all of never. I pretty much destroyed my bedtime with this very blog which I am currently writing in right now. With my self-imposed bedtime getting very close.

But not only am I ok with it, I want to write even more than I do. I have two stories I’m “actively” working on, but obviously, I can only work on one at a time. I heard that Leonardo da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other AT THE SAME TIME! (I think it was Leonardo. If I’m wrong, yell at me in the comments.) But, I’m not that talented. I’m a one thing at a time kinda guy. Sorry to disappoint. In addition to this blog and the two stories, I often have ideas for poems, or ideas for other stories. I am trying to type several dreams I wrote down in a notebook when I was in middle school and high school so I have them saved in my laptop.

Everything else I do seems to be rather blah. Mundane. Like I’d rather be doing something else. Except for talking with and spending time with my wonderful wife, of course. (Love you Honey!)

Work is, well, work. Work is often rather unappealing, even on a day that’s not that bad. Even on good days most people would rather be doing something else. That’s why your employer pays you to work, so you stay and do what they want you to do, instead of wandering off and going fishing or something.
But even things I do voluntarily, things I sincerely enjoy doing, seem mundane. I check Facebook and see updates and photos from family and friends I don’t get to see every day, some that are 2000 miles away and I haven’t seen in over two years. I check my notifications and stats in WordPress, scroll through new posts from blogs I follow and check out new blogs and read what catches my eye. I poke around the blogs of people who’ve been poking around my blog. There are some awesome, interesting, inspiring blogs out there.
Other, smaller, everyday things are definitely unappealing. Necessary, but unappealing. Like getting ready for work. Brushing my teeth. Even eating dinner.

While I’m doing all those things, there’s this little corner of my brain whispering at me (and…my bedtime has come and gone) “you need to write the next scene in drunk Billy’s story, you know, the one where he goes back to Mary’s bar, the Lucky Horseshoe.” or “you could be writing in your Of Sorcery and Science story”, or even “you could be writing a new blog post right now”. Or “here’s a memory from your childhood, you should write it down now in that journal/life timeline thing you created to write all these memories down in”.

I write and I write and I write and I write whenever I can for as long as I can, until life gets in the way or until my fingers fall off and my head explodes (Okay, okay, slight exaggeration. Stop being so literal.) but it’s not enough. I want to write more. Write until my stories are finished, so I can finally figure out how they end. (I have a basic idea of how I want drunk Billy’s story to end, but who knows if that is what will actually happen or not. Besides, the devil’s in the details.)

Do I really write that much? It feels like I have been the last few weeks anyway. Makes me wonder what I did with my time when I wasn’t writing so much. Playing video games I guess. Video games are fun, but I get bored with them after a while. I end up feeling like I’m just doing the same thing over and over and over. What else did I do? Oh yeah. Reading. I used to read a lot. A lot a lot. Since I started this blog I haven’t been reading much at all. Which is strange for me. I come from a family of readers. I’ve always loved to read. My favorites are science fiction and fantasy, but I read other kinds of books too. In 6th grade, I was bringing books to school to read in free periods (and in class when I could get away with it) that were long enough to impress my teachers and even a few of my fellow students. I would read extra books and stories, above and beyond what was assigned by my teachers. Read, read, read. Sometimes it felt like that was what I always did. I will probably continue to read, but for now, I’d rather write.

And now I write. Maybe if I keep writing this much for a while, I will actually finish one or two of these stories some day. Maybe I’ll get around to some of the other story ideas I think actually have some potential to become a story. Maybe I’ll have a blog with a definite theme or subject to it, instead of a little bit of writing, a little poetry, and a lot of random thoughts with little or no connection to each other.

For now though, I like my little blog. In just a couple short weeks, it’s been therapy, an outlet, several lessons, and a catalyst for meeting amazing new people. Thanks to all of you that have read my rantings and ravings, thanks to all of you that have shared your hearts and souls with strangers all over the world. You are all inspiring people.

FYI – If reading this post didn’t satisfy your appetite for the weird and random, try The Cheeky Diva. Every Thursday she runs a Thursday Haiku Madness! Here’s today’s. It’s a lot of fun to read and even more fun to join in!


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