Dragon Slayer

The armored knight goes riding

                                                                a ridin’

Sitting tall on his big bay stallion

                                                                a stalli’n

His pennant in the wind is snapping

                                                                a snappin’

His bright armor in the sun is shining

                                                                a shinin’

The cheering crowd is blinded

                                                                a blind’d

But the crowd they aren’t caring

                                                                a carin’

 The men are yelling and waving

                                                                a wavin’

And the women are swooning and sighing

                                                                a sighin’

For the land is safe again for living

                                                                a livin’

The shining hero has slain the dragon

                                                                the drag’n

And safely home he is returning



This poem was an experiment for me. I don’t remember where I got the idea to write a poem in this style, and I have no idea if this experiment is a success or not. I do find it interesting that I wrote about the triumphant hero returning instead of, or without writing about the knight setting out, or the epic battle between the knight and the dragon. Kind of like writing the end of a story without writing the beginning or the middle. But who knows, maybe the beginning and the middle will come later.

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Conundrums?

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