How do I start this? I want to write about how I think. Explain it. Why? Do I really think people really want to know about how I think? Not really. But what I write about, I learn about.

If I write about how I think, I might learn about how I think, learn something about myself.

So, how do I think? I usually think in images. If I think about something, I see it in my mind. I see the action unfold. It’s kind of like a play, or a movie. Or both, mixed together. Only I see behind the scenes and the final version at the same time. I hear a sound track, a musical score. There aren’t any words, no clear lyrics in this music (unless I have a specific song stuck in my head), just pure music that floats through my brain cells.

What’s interesting is that I think in images, but I’m not much of an artist. I did take some art classes, and I wasn’t terrible at it. Usually my art was passable (when I completed a project at least) and every once in a while my art was pretty good, if I do say so myself. I had and have some (potentially) amazing ideas, if I could ever draw them. The biggest problem I have with being an artist is actually drawing. I don’t draw enough. Practice, practice, practice. Not me. I doodle when I feel like it, but that’s about it.

An inkboard parrot I drew (scratched?)

An inkboard parrot I drew (scratched?)

Here’s one of my favorite pieces. I drew this parrot in ink-board when I was in high school. I did have a picture of a parrot for reference. This is probably one of the several pieces that I spent so much time on that I didn’t have time to complete other projects. I enjoyed working with ink-board. If I was an artist, I would use ink-board a lot I think. I have images in my head that would probably translate very well into real life using this medium.

But, I’m not an artist. Instead of drawing, I tend to write what I see, hear, and feel in my mind. When I write, I don’t really plan out what I am going to write in my head. I have a basic idea of the topic I want to write about, the direction I want to write in. But when I sit down to write, the words come to mind just about as I write them.

Sometimes, the writing doesn’t come easily. (Such as writing this post, actually.) I have to fight to find the words. I go back and rearrange things, rewrite things. I use different words, a different format. Sometimes I even completely change the entire topic of what I’m writing, or how I’m approaching the subject.

Other times, if I’m lucky or inspired, the words just flow. Words are written almost before I think of them. The words spill out onto paper (or my computer screen) and seem to fall into the best order and the best format possible.

Now, you might think that since I have plays and movies playing inside my skull, I would write plays and movies. Scripts, right? Nope. Wrong again. I have written a total of one play in my life, a one-act play that was an assignment in the Creative Writing class I took in high school. It was, in my own words: terrible, awkward, and ridiculous. I didn’t like writing it, and I really didn’t like seeing two classmates act it out.

Now, I have nothing against scripts in general. I like plays and movies. I have friends that write scripts or have written scripts. I have a friend who is the Executive Director of the Young Playwrights’ Theater (YPT). YPT is an organization based in Washington D.C. that teaches kids how to write plays, and some of these plays are produced onstage not only in D.C. but, from what I understand, in other parts of the country as well. How cool is that? If you want to find out more, here’s their website:

Like I said, I have nothing against scripts, I just don’t write them myself. Dialogue is not a strength of mine, scripts tend to be heavy on the dialogue. It’s just the way it is. Probably with some instruction and a lot of practice I could probably put together something decent as far as scripts go. It’s just not what I think about for myself.

I write poetry and stories. I like poems. I prefer to write short poems, personally. When I write poems that go on and on, they usually get tiresome. Bogged down in words and form. Tiresome to write, and tiresome to read. Poems I write can be serious or silly, rhyme or not, and/or have a specific, consistent form or end up all over the page. It doesn’t really matter, as long as I’m writing what I’m feeling and/or thinking.

Stories are tougher for me, but I do genuinely enjoy writing them. I’ve written a few short stories (some a page or less) and have a few stories that are a bit longer. There are a few stories I have that I’m in the middle of that have the potential to be much longer. I write in one for a while, then I’ll switch to one of the others. Sometimes it’s because I hit a snag in one and I’m not sure how to proceed, so I let it sit on a back burner for a while. Sometimes I think of something to write about in a story I’m not currently working on, so I’ll just end up switching stories mid-stride. Other times I don’t write in any of my stories, I either spend my time writing poems, writing blogs (starting this month anyway) or not writing at all.  I should probably figure out a way to stay focused on one story until I finish it. Then I might actually finish something!

So, have I learned anything? Well, I wouldn’t say I really learned anything new, but I have set things out for myself in a way I never have before. And, I once again spent enough time writing for my blog that I won’t be spending any time today working on any of my stories. But that’s ok. Tomorrow’s another day.

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