I’ve starting writing about 3 different blog posts today. I’ve also pulled up a couple of other drafts I already had with the idea of finishing them.

Nothing seems to be working for me today, however. My eyes feel tired, even though I’m not tired. I start writing, and get some words down, but then things just fizzle. My brain stops working. The thought dies and goes nowhere.

Well, I’ve never been one to push and shove if something isn’t working. I’ll either find a way around it, ignore it and let it sit for a while and/or come at it from another direction. Some people think I give up too easily, and sometimes I do. Other times I’m just being patient, waiting for the right time, or I’m thinking about the best approach.

So, since this blogging thing isn’t working for me right now, I think I’ll go work on my story “Drunk”, or tinker with my poem book. If that doesn’t work, maybe I’ll go draw some. If I do, perhaps I’ll post some of my doodles later.

But before I go, here is a poem:

in the wind

the heat
of the sun
and bakes
the ground
is dry
the dust
blows freely
in the wind
the plants
and wither
the animals
lie in what
shade they
can find
lie until
they die
the air
is too hot
to breath
wells and rivers
run dry
there is
to hide
there is only
one escape –
death’s door
your soul
is withered
your body
is shriveled
it is
the end
of time
for you
your flesh
your bones
bleached white
lie on
the ground
then are
to dust
by the dust
in the wind

3 thoughts on “well, this isn’t going anywhere

    1. It may seem depressing, but that’s what my thoughts and ideas are doing right now. Shriveling up and dying. I’ll just have to wait until it rains in my mind again…


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