I came to a realization. Not a full or complete one. More like the idea of a thought, an outline, part of a vague shape.

It’s like being in an unfamiliar pitch black room. You turn on a flashlight, only to have the light fade and die as quickly as it came on. The batteries are dead. Shake the flashlight, hit it against your hand. The light weakly flares up again, then dies again, this time for good.

You’re left with a vague idea of what’s in the room, an after image floating in your eyes, a memory of color in their opposites, floating in your mind. Any details quickly fade, sharp edges blur, vague shapes are left in darkness.

This is the beginning of an idea, the thought of an idea, that might very well turn into the first step of a journey of a thousand miles. A journey that starts in a pitch black, unknown room. I will stumble and fumble blindly at first. Maybe I will be lucky enough to find a light switch, or a door, or maybe fresh batteries for my flash light. If not, I’ll have to learn the layout of the room, the content of my thought, by blind trial and error. Starting and stopping, clumsily bumping into things, changing direction and moving forward without any idea what is in front of me.

This idea of a shape for a thought started with other ideas, from others and myself. It is in no way completely new or unheard of. Very probably, with research, I will find others who have expanded and expounded this very concept. Perhaps I will learn something new, a new angle, or dimension of thought, a new way to look at the world or myself. Perhaps I will be able to bring my own ideas into the mix, possibly helping others to learn and see the world anew.


Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Conundrums?

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