“Peace, man.” said the hippie.

“What do you mean by ‘peace’?” asked the philosopher. “World peace, where everybody lives in perfect harmony? In that case, you would have to place your wish on everybody in the world. Or are you referring to peace at home? Well, I don’t have a family, so there is no one for me to be at peace with there. Unless you’re talking about inner peace? Are you hoping that I am at peace with myself? If so, I thank you kindly. I personally find peace when trying to understand the workings of the universe.
“This brings me to another good question. What exactly is peace? How would a person define peace? Is it merely having no war or fighting among the many nations, or does it go beyond that? Does it refer to worldwide love and fellowship? Or does it allow some contentions and hard feelings?
“And what about this thing called inner peace? Is it really all that different? Is it simply accepting and loving yourself for who you are? And not fighting continually with yourself over personal problems? Or is it more?
“Maybe, just maybe, I’m heading in the wrong direction. Maybe this peace is much simpler than we all believe. The diplomats and politicians all say it would take decades to achieve world peace, to work out all the individual problems between countries and nations. But what if peace is just an emotion, a ‘gut’ feeling as some people call it? What if it is something we have to feel our way through, instead of think our way through? Sure, we tend to think our way through most of life’s problems, but aren’t there a few times when we have to go on instinct? Perhaps what we call peace is one of those times.”

“It’s just peace, man. Just peace.” replied the hippie.

With that, the philosopher and the hippie went their separate ways.


2 thoughts on “two philosophers

  1. Interesting piece! (pun intended)

    Probably it’s got to be more than a mere concept (or name). If it’s just an inner feeling, without outer worth and value… it may be essentially nothing. A bloody killer can be at peace with himself, within. However, does that mean he or she is really at peace?

    Bending down, to pick up a piece of wood, the absence of conflict within and without, succeeded in attaining its p…..


    1. That’s a great point. Can you have a piece of peace, and still be at peace?
      Maybe inner peace can be used like a seed from which peace can grow outside and beyond you, and spread to help others find peace.
      Of course, inner peace can be perceived very differently by different people, as you pointed out, so that might not always work out very well for some people.
      There are certainly a lot directions you can go and a lot of discussions you could have about the nature of peace, and what it all means.
      Another interesting thing about this piece is that both characters were inspired by the same person. Maybe they are the same person…


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