When I was in 4th grade, I pretty much stopped doing my homework. I possibly didn’t do much homework before then, but 4th grade was the first year I really remember not doing homework.

I’m not sure why I stopped doing homework. I guess I just had better things to do. Like playing with Lego’s, running around outside, or drawing castles. Very important stuff.

It wasn’t that I didn’t understand the stuff. (Well, most of the time, anyway. Let’s not talk about algebra, ok? Great. Thanks.)

I did well with the in-class assignments. I did well on tests and quizzes. Because of that, I ended up with average grades overall, even with completing a very small amount of my homework assignments.

What I found interesting was not how many times my teachers talked to me about my lack of homework but how often they gave me the same look and the same speech.

“You’re really smart.” they’d say with a soft empathetic voice, as they looked me in the eye. “I know you know how to do this. You could be getting top grades if you would just do your homework. I know there are a lot of different things going on in your life, but you just need to make the time to get it done, ok?”

The whole time I’d be looking them in the eye, smiling and nodding, and thinking ” ‘Make time?’ If I could make time, I wouldn’t need to do my homework or go to school. If I could make time, I’d be the richest person on the planet.

“You’d like an extra hour in your day to get your stuff done? $1000 please and thank you. Have a great 25 hour day!

“Want to stay up to watch your shows, and get up early to get to work, but still want to get 8 hours of sleep? Only $4000 to add 4 hours to your night of beauty rest. Good night and come again!

“A 3 day weekend? No problem! Just a measly $24,000 to get a full extra day for your weekend of laziness and procrastination!”

I think 1000 dollars an hour would be a good price for extra time. It might change depending on what my overhead might be. And, if I could make time, I might be able to figure out how to get rid of time too. I’d probably keep the $1000 price tag.

“Want to make a 3 hour waste of time meeting only last an hour? $2000 later, and that 3 meeting is now 1 hour!”

Yeah, yeah, I know. That would totally screw up the space-time continuum. And how could I add an extra hour to one person’s day without adding an hour to the day for the whole world? I don’t know, but if I ever figure it out, my blog followers would get a 10% discount! For life! What a deal!


Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Conundrums?

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