One fifty nine, starting my stream of consciousness now. I hope this works, because I really don’t know to write about today. I should probably use one the ideas I’ve started in my drafts, or an idea I have in my head, but I just don’t feel like writing any of them right now. I want to write about writing, amazing people, or interesting, funny topics, but I’m not very interesting or funny most of the time. I’ve had experiences with my humor that were quite embarrassing, so now I usually keep my mouth shut. Or if I do make a joke, it’s with people who already know my lame sense of humor and I treat it as a lame joke, meant to be funny more for its lameness than it’s cleverness or anything else. 2:02. Scratching my head. Literally. And figuratively. Am I really going to post this? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll try to write a micro story or something. Pick a random image of Google and use it as my prompt and randomly pick a word limit for myself, and write something, hopefully more interesting than this random crapfest of thoughts coming out of my brain right now. Yesterday was Friday. SVW held their Flash! Friday contest, a picture for a prompt and a 100 word limit. The picture was interesting, and I might have been able to come up with something at least almost interesting, but nothing that really popped out at me. The picture didn’t really speak to me I guess. 2:06. Bleh. I think I’ll go back and fix some of the typos in this stream of consciousness this time, unlike last time. I’m trying to type fast, which means I’m making a ton of mistakes. A ton. Hate it. Oh well. The joy of writing is that you have a chance to go back and fix things. Usually. I remember hearing about people copying the Bible before the printing press, and if they made a mistake, they’d have to start that page all over again, that would be frustrating. But then, probably better than getting beaten or going hungry, which wouldn’t surprise me if that is what would happen if they didn’t go back and fix it. 2:09. Done.

377 words in 10 minutes. That 37.7 words per minute, but I also made at least 34 mistakes, spelling and otherwise. I did go back and fix at least most of them. I’m not sure why I’m analyzing my typing this way. I guess only because I did it the last time I did a stream of consciousness. I did increase my word count by 1.9 words per minute.

So, how about I take my own advice, and try to write a micro story from a  random picture off of Google? I’ll do an image search for “random”, pick the 9th picture on the 3rd page of results, and write a 77 word story based on that picture. This might be a little strange. We’ll see what happens. Hopefully it will be at least a little more interesting than my “crapfest” of thoughts!

But before I do, I want to link to SVW’s Flash! Friday, since I mentioned them before.

Well, here’s the random picture I found:

Random picture from the internet

I have no idea what this picture was intended for, or what website it came from. If you’re curious, here’s the link to it.

And, here’s the 77 word story that I came up with:

Serial Killer

He had been hoping to be edgy, ground-breaking. Artistic. Well, he was all those things. But no one appreciated his work. Oh, people read his words, debating the meaning and content. But no one talked about how it looked! No one saw the art in what he did! He’d just have try again. He started cutting words out of newspapers and magazines to create his next letter, his next work of art, and selecting his next victim.


I am actually a little surprised how well that worked. I may have to try something like this again.

I do want to say that this idea is not mine alone. SVW, which I’ve mentioned before, holds a contest every week for micro story writing, and another blog I follow, Chosen Voice, writes some awesome 35 word stories, among other things, along with some really striking photography. It is from these two influences that I really first discovered the idea of a micro story, and was inspired to try it on my own.


Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Conundrums?

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