Until today, I hadn’t seen the sun in what seemed like weeks. I don’t really know how long it’s been, but it felt like a really long time. It’s been cloudy and foggy and snowy and smoggy. It was dismally gray for far too long, in my opinion.

But yesterday, I saw a bit of blue sky. And today, finally, I saw the sun. I was eating my lunch in the break room at work, and when I realized the sun was out, I stood at the window for a while, and then went for a brief walk outside. It was still chilly, just above freezing, but I was only outside for a few minutes. A few wispy clouds were already trying to block the sun, but it was still bright enough for me to have a shadow and warm my face a little bit.

Later on, on my way home from work, I got off the bus about halfway home and took a little detour to a local library. The sun was out in full force (as full as it can be in late January) and it was nice to walk in the sunshine. The most recent snowstorm had pushed out most of the smog, so the air was clear.

Now, some new clouds have rolled in, forerunners of the next storm predicted for tonight and tomorrow, but today, for while, I saw the sun. And that makes me happy, and gives me energy to make through the next round of sunless grey. I hope it won’t be as long until the next time it comes out.



The sun is shining today
barely peeking through a thick layer of Smog

A breeze is blowing today
but it doesn’t blow away the heavy, sticky Smog

Hanging in the air you breathe
grey but also brown, it is not fog, it’s Smog

Of so many things humans make to kill
the murderous beast we keep feeding is called Smog

It doesn’t matter who you are,
breathe and it gets you, the heartless monster Smog

Young or old, rich or poor, fat or not,
we all breathe until we die, dying sooner due to Smog

You might die from something else
but if there’s nothing else, always waiting, is Smog

Patient, silent, and as long as we
keep feeding it, it will never give up, the ever-present Smog


the gray

gray sky
gray snow
gray stone
gray flowing down from the sky
gray flowing down to the ground

the light is bright
but still you can’t see

gray skin
gray breath
gray air
gray flowing in my eyes
gray flowing through my veins

the light fades to dark
the gray fades to black


The sun came out today

The sun came out today
The sun came out to play

I smiled and went out to see the sun
In weeks I had not had so much fun

For days and weeks it’s been dismally gray
Clouds fighting fog, smog joining the fray

My heart was heavy, my soul weighed a ton
Of happiness, laughter and cheer I had none

But when I saw the sun no words could I say
that described the joy I hoped would stay


SMOG I wrote one smoggy day when I was feeling depressed and bitter. It made me think of Tolkien’s Smaug, so over the past few days I re-read The Hobbit. I love that book.

the gray I wrote looking out across the valley in which I live, and seeing the mountains covered in clouds. I remembered times when I had been in thick fog, and imagined being lost in the fog until full dark.

The sun came out today I literally started writing as I starting writing this post. When I wrote the title of the post, the second line popped in my head, and the rest worked itself out.


3 thoughts on “the sun came out today

    1. Yeah, not much heat where I’m at even with the sun, though it was a bit warmer than Maine was today, based on your running post. I’ve been to Maine in the summer a few times, but never in winter.


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