There was a poem that I had written a while ago, it’s called “Reflection”. The poem is one line, very short, very simple. A lot of people probably wouldn’t even call it a poem at all.

Like I’ve said, I’ve had it for a while, and even though I put it in a collection of some of my poems (which I am still, slowly, working on), I hadn’t really given it much thought in a long time.



Me staring down at me staring at me…


That’s it. Like I said, very, very simple. Less of a poem than a haiku, even, and those are very small.

Unbeknownst to me, or rather, forgotten by me, was the fact that this one line poem was not actually a one line poem…

Several weeks ago, I was writing in a notebook of mine (that I’ve had since high school or longer) I came across several pages that I had already written on. For some reason I had started writing in this notebook, then skipped over most of the pages, and continued writing. Many years later, when I was in need of a notebook to carry around with me, I found it, saw it had many blank pages, and started using it again. Then I discovered the already used section near the end along with several random notes/bits of lines written on a couple of napkins and scraps of loose paper that I had stuck in there. I didn’t look too closely at that section for a while, but when I had filled up all the blank pages in the middle, I took the time to read through what I had written so many years ago.

And you’ll never guess what I found.

A poem.

Titled “Reflection”.

Apparently, the one line poem above is only the first line in a slightly longer poem. I had no idea when or how the rest of the poem disappeared, luckily not for good.



Me staring down at me staring down at me

Treetops swaying gently side to side

Clouds slowly drifting by

In a deep, bright blue sky

Oh, the amazing things that abide

In simple rain puddles for you and I to see


Quite a difference a few more lines make, huh? And the rhyming scheme, and the fact that the lines that rhyme are about the same length, the top 3 lines “reflecting” the bottom 3 (or vise versa). I had no idea I could be so clever. Though I most likely did not do it entirely on purpose. I’m sure I’m not the first person to ever do that, but still. It’s pretty cool.

It makes me wonder why I ever dropped the majority of it, keeping only the first line. The reason for that has been lost in the forgotten history of the last 15 years or so of my life, I’ll likely never know. But, because of the fact that I dislike getting rid of any notebooks of mine, regardless of how old, I now have both versions.


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