Today is Friday. Among the many things that are good about Friday, there is one relatively new thing I’ve been looking forward to on Fridays.

It’s something I’ve posted about before: SVW’s Flash! Friday contest.

It’s pretty amazing to see all the completely different directions people go in from the same starting point.

This week I had two ideas based off of the photo prompt. I wrote both of them out, to see which one I wanted to submit. The problem is, I like them both. I basically picked one arbitrarily, to make sure I actually posted something.

Click here to  see this weeks photo prompt, and browse the comments to read the story I submitted (titled Art for Art’s Sake) and a bunch of amazing stories written by some incredibly talented people. If there’s still time, go ahead and write your own story! It’s a lot of fun.

I also wanted to share the story I didn’t submit, so here you go:

Joining the Dance

He was standing on stage, but he was the audience, not the entertainment. He stood still, not sure if they were aware of his presence, not sure if they were aware of anything but themselves. They may not have been aware, but he was.

He had seen them before, ever since he could remember. He had watched them and followed them, and they had led him to this old theater, where they gathered to dance.

He watched and he listened. He longed to hear the music they danced to. Sometimes he thought he could feel the faintest of beats in his bones, the tiniest of rhythms in his blood. Times like this, he could feel his shadow itching to join in the revelry.

He wanted to free himself from the mundane world he found himself in, the blind and deaf world that labeled him crazy, insane. He wanted to join the dancing shadows he saw in their reckless abandon, free of the pain and shame forced on him by an uncaring society that refused to understand.

He stood there, still, watching and listening with the edge of perception, and his shadow began to dance.


4 thoughts on “the story I didn’t submit

    1. Hey thanks! It seems like a small detail, but the idea of him being the audience was actually the first thought that popped into my head when I saw the prompt, the rest of the story came after.


    1. I don’t think anyone’s ever used fortitude to describe anything I’ve written before. 🙂 Thank you, and congrats to you for getting runner up! I’m surprised you didn’t win actually.


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