So, last night I posted about the story I didn’t submit to SVW’s Flash! Friday.

Well, I apparently made the right choice. Not only did my wife like the one I submitted better, but it seemed to impress a few people over there.

Of course, after I submitted it, I was going back over it in my mind, thinking things like “Is that really the one I should have submitted?” or “I didn’t use up the entire word limit, should I have added anything else?” and the never-ending worry “Did I catch and fix all the grammar and spelling errors?”

It’s probably a very good thing I didn’t try to go back and “fix” anything. There are two ways to ruin a good story. One is not enough work, the other is working on it too much.

I’m still a little flabbergasted about the whole thing. There were a lot of great,¬†imaginative, and well written stories submitted. But at least one person thought my story was one he liked the best, and he just happened to be the judge. Now, I’m not saying I agree with him, but you don’t argue with a judge! Especially when he’s got fire-breathing dragons backing him up!

So now I’ve got dragons prowling my blog. There’s one hanging out in my footer, and one right here:


You should check out both posts:

the prompt with all the amazing submissions in the comments (
and the one where they announce the winners (

What do you think? Do you agree with what the judge said about my piece? Who would have won if you were judging?


2 thoughts on “there be dragons here

  1. This story you didn’t submit has a very different bias from the Winning entry and I think you made the right decision to enter that one which has a completeness about it. I really liked the emptiness created by the spare use of words, by removing any clutter and ambiguity. Very nice work and well deserved win. Dragons salute you. Once found they are really difficult to shake off.


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