The Daily Prompt today asked why I chose my blog’s title and what it means to me.

Memoirs of an Unremarkable Man is actually a possible title for a story I’ve never gotten around to writing. A story about a character very loosely based off of me.

Actually, though, that idea isn’t even much of an idea, because I don’t have any idea what is supposed to happen in that story. Just an idea for a character and a setting, really. No plot means no story.

Even though I never wrote that story that isn’t a story, I still think about that character sometimes. Mostly because he’s based on me, probably. I wonder what he would do differently in the situations I find myself in, in my life.

When I started this blog back in last December, I had a few ideas for a title run through my head, but Memoirs of an Unremarkable Man is the one that stuck. I’m glad it was available, because I’m pretty sure I forgot the other ideas almost immediately.

But, this blog has nothing to do with that story idea, this is the first I’ve even mentioned it here.

I guess I choose the title because my life is pretty unremarkable. At least from my point of view. I guess I’ve had a few adventures, got a few stories to tell, but I don’t go traveling around the world or anything. I’ve traveled more than some people, but definitely less than a lot of other people. I’m in the middle.

Middle of the road. That’s me. In elementary school, sometimes the teacher would have us line up in alphabetical order by last name. Other times, to mix things up, we’d line up in reverse alphabetical order by last name. Either way, I was in the middle. Graduated from high school in the middle of my class. And at almost every job I’ve ever had, my bosses very quickly decide I’m hard-working and responsible enough for extra responsibilities and important tasks, but not so much that I would get an actual promotion.

In the middle. Not the worst, not the best.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. (Well, a few of my jobs have irked me, mostly when someone with much less experience gets promoted above me. It’s not much fun when an assistant manager with no experience is asking you how to do the most basic of tasks.) For the most part, there’s a lot to be said about being in the middle. Not much pressure. When you’re one of the worst, there’s a lot of pressure to do better. When you’re one of the best, there’s even more pressure to keep doing well in order to stay there. Not a lot of eyes watching you, judging you.

But then again, you tend to not get a lot of recognition for the things you do accomplish either. Not all of the time, but a lot of the time, the things you do don’t get noticed. Because no one is watching. It can be hard to get people’s attention, because they’re busy watching the superstars or the under-achievers, the ones that don’t get anything done unless they are being watched.

So that’s the story of why I called my blog Memoirs of an Unremarkable Man. Most of it anyway.

And on a completely unrelated note, I saw some Red-Breasted Robins today. About 5 or 6 of them, all flitting in and out of this little tree. I took a few pictures, but none of them were clear enough to share.

Robins! Robins mean spring time where I live. But it’s still February. Snow is covering most of the ground, and I don’t think those robins are going to be finding very many worms around here these days. I wonder if they’re lost.

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