and left me behind. How selfish.

I haven’t posted in almost a week. What’s up with that? I thought I wanted to keep up with this blogging thing. Not posting for a week isn’t the way to go.

It started with baking. Baking!

Let me start over. This is entirely my fault. I’m not blaming baking for my 6 day hiatus from whats been my normal for the past two and a half months. However, baking was involved.

Baking Bits with an unremarkable man: What not to do

1. Don’t sign up to bring butterscotch bars (or any other baked good) to a dessert bake-off at your work to be held on February 15th. (This means you need to do the actual baking the day before. Thursday, February 14th. Your wife will not appreciate it much. Luckily my wife is patient and supportive and all she did was laugh at me for being an idiot.)

2. Once you’ve decided to bake 4 batches of butterscotch bars and purchased all the ingredients, don’t wait until 10 pm to start said baking. (Of course, taking my wife out to dinner instead starting the baking earlier probably saved my life, and helped my wife be supportive instead of justifiably upset with me, so…)

3. When figuring out which and how much of the various ingredients you need days beforehand, don’t forget to make sure you have all the tools necessary to bake the butterscotch bars. This will prevent you from having to leave home at 10:15 to hunt for electric hand mixers at nearby 24 hour grocery stores. (We didn’t have one. We hadn’t had one for years. I had completely forgotten. My wife would tell you my forgetting did not surprise her. But we have one now!)

4. It’s now 11 pm. Don’t start baking at 11 pm. Ever. Unless you like (or are used to) being up till past 3 am when you have to work the next day. Or that day. Whatever.

So needless to say, Thursday I didn’t even turn on my laptop, let alone do anything online like writing a blog post or even checking Facebook.

After about 3 and half hours sleep or so, I got up and went to work. Well, most of me did, but I didn’t realize yet that any of me was missing yet. 3 and half hours sleep isn’t too bad, but it is less than I’m used to now, and I had to go into work late in order to get it. This meant I had to work later than normal to get my 40 hours (helpful for the paycheck!).

Work was busy, but not too bad. Not much thinking was necessary that day.

(FYI – My butterscotch bars were well received. I didn’t win, but everybody who had them seemed to like them, and more than two-thirds of them were gone by the time I headed home.)

While I was at work, I saw the Flash! Friday prompt for that week. It was an awesome prompt. Murder mystery theme, with 3 pictures to choose from for murder weapons, and 3 other pictures to choose from for locations. Pretty cool, huh?

That, however, was when I realized my brain went on vacation. Thoughts…sluggish. Ideas…fuzzy…if I had any…at all.

I did eventually think of an idea (well, half an idea anyway), but I didn’t get the chance to try to write any of it down while I was at work. And I got home much later than I usually do, so I didn’t even bother trying to write anything in time to submit. In fact, I didn’t write anything at all.

In fact, I didn’t write hardly anything at all for the next several days. Like I said, I didn’t post anything here. I didn’t post any status updates on Facebook. I didn’t write any poems, or stories, or random bits and pieces of thoughts that might turn into a story or a poem. I didn’t write in my story Drunk. I didn’t work on the project a friend and I started. I didn’t draw anything either, not even pointless doodles.

I spent my time hanging out with my wife, which was nice, watching movies (some of them decent, some of them crap), and played several little mindless games. I did scroll through what others had posted to Facebook. And I did respond to a couple tweets (you know, on Twitter? (If you are anything like me, you would need that reminder. I barely know what I’m doing on there.)).

So. My brain went on vacation, and now it’s back. Where did it go? I don’t know. My brain won’t tell me. I think it doesn’t want me to be jealous, so I’m thinking somewhere warm and tropical. But who knows? Mars? The stars? Back in time? The center of the earth? I don’t know.

So, are my “batteries recharged”? Am I coming back into blogging with a hundred ideas, charging back to Facebook with dozens of original hilarious cat pictures (with even funnier captions)? Marching over to Twitter with a thousand witty jokes (all at a 140 characters or less!)?


Yesterday I felt kinda crappy, actually. I still didn’t have any ideas on what to write or any strong motivation to post something here or anything at all really.

But I did have a feeling that I’d feel better if I wrote something, maybe started writing in Drunk again, or if I drew something. Or maybe, I don’t know, posted something in my blog?!

Well, I didn’t post anything yesterday (that’s kind of obvious), but that might have partially been due to the fact that my laptop decided it was going to run really slow anytime I tried to bring up any WordPress pages. I don’t know if they were updating something, or if my laptop was showing its age, but I didn’t feel like being patient. So I wasn’t.

I did, however, connect with my friend and we worked on our project again. It was nice. Thoughts and ideas were flowing, we made some progress, it almost felt like I had a brain again.

So today, I stand up and say “Enough!” (Well, not really. But in my head I do. It’s very dramatic.)

“Enough mindless pointless tasks!” (The self-appointed ones anyway. I do still need to go to work.)

“It’s time to think again! To be creative again! Hurrah for writing! Hurrah for drawing! Viva the Revolution!”

A revolution against myself. A small one. Not for the first time. And, probably not for the last time either.

But oh well. I do what I can.

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Conundrums?

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