Listen to my words
You live in dangerous times
What I say helps you

Trust my intentions
I am here to help you all
I will not harm you

Believe my message
Feel the power in your heart
Fire for your soul

Follow me, I’ll lead you
to a better place where all
your dreams can come true

Speak for me, say what
I want you say. Share my words
with the world today

Lie for me – twist the
truth till the world cannot tell
what is right or wrong

Hate my enemies
Destroy them mind, heart, and soul
Who is not for us –

Kill. All those who don’t
support me will either be
persuaded or die.

Die for me today
Shield me from death with your life
Sacrifice yourself

That I may live on
To continue to twist truth,
break trust, and crush love

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Conundrums?

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