anger is my armor
indignation is my shield
as I ride the thunder
through a storm of fear
waves of accusations
threaten to disarm
words are my spears
flung from my tongue
at just the right moment
to strike at the heart
no more debate
the argument won
the storm fades away
the silence is deafening
as bonds break
and bridges burn
the pieces fall
and build a wall
no spear can pierce
that’s when I realize
that my enemy was
never my enemy
my enemy was my friend
loves light has turned
to darkness everlasting
spears once cast
cannot be held back
words once spoken
cannot be unheard
sticks and stones
may break bones
but words can cut
down to the soul
lesson learned too late
that my only enemy
has always been
inside my head

3 thoughts on “argument lost

      1. Yes it is. Even after you explain it all through to yourself, it doesn’t justify it. The best we can do is learn from it and become a better person, and that’s the right thing to do.


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