That’s me. A man with a plan. For now.

I was thinking about the dilemma I’m in, with 3 stories in my head and partially started. Which one do I work on? The Grand Epic Fantasy Tale? How about the Dark and Bloody Murder Mystery? Or the Fantasy/Science Fiction Combo Extravaganza?

Do I work on just one, or do I try to work on all three? Or I could even just pick two and go back and forth between those.

Well, there’s only one way out of a dilemma, and that to make a decision. So I did. It might be a stupid idea, but if it is, I’ll find out soon enough, and then I can change it.

But for now, I’m going to try to work on all three stories. Two days of the week, I’ll work on one. Two other days, I’ll work on another. And still two different days, I’ll work on the 3rd. At least, any time I have time on those particular days. Yes, I am crazy. That still leaves one day left in the week. I’ll probably write on that day sometimes too.

I’ve got it all planned out, but I can already feel myself going crazy. My brain is trying to go in about 10 or so different directions all at once. My life isn’t just these stories. I’ve got a wife, and a job, and friends, and a cat. An apartment to help keep clean and organized, food to eat, sleeping, this blog to keep going, and all those other million little things that are so important to a comfortable life-like showering, grocery shopping, and brushing my teeth. And the whole time my brain is saying “Oh, don’t worry, I’ll be fine. I got this.”

Yep. Crazy. And to anyone out there that has to deal with all this stuff plus kids, and still find time to write (or draw, paint, create, etc…) anything at all? You have my respect, and best wishes.


8 thoughts on “a man with a plan

  1. I have a daughter who is about to be four, I am a full time college student, stay at home mom, and I’m trying to write and hone my artistic skills, get back into my drawing. It feels likes there are not enough hours in the day oh except I have insomnia which doesn’t help being a mom, student, or concentrating. I don’t think doing all 3 stories is as crazy as you think, you seem to have a schedule worked out.


  2. Good luck!

    I find the best way to manage multiple writing projects is to mesh them together. Basically, if there is something you are working on (an idea, research, a style) for a story (or stories), then blog on a related topic. Consolidating is a big time saver!

    A lot of my more recent posts have arisen because they relate to ideas I am working with in a novel I’m writing (and two others that are slowly taking shape in my head). I’m a little lucky though, my writing projects deal with similar enough subject matter to consolidate better.

    Also, writers almost always feel crazy–there are just too many people in our head to feel any other way, lol!


      1. Yeah, it really works. Especially if there is an idea or part of a story that you are having a hard time fleshing out. I find that taking related topics, themes, emotions, etc. to the part you are having trouble with, and writing them out in a different way (i.e. as a blog post), really helps to get you unstuck.

        Best of luck!


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