For previous midnight musings, and an explanation:

I wrote this particular string of thoughts on April 20th, 2010:

Some say that life isn’t fair. I believe life is fair. I believe people are blind to the big picture, which if they could see, they would realize that there is balance in all things. I believe that for every move you make, the universe reacts, in equal kind. (And by “move”, I mean any thought, emotion, or physical action, including sounds, language, listening, seeing, feeling, movement, silence, stillness or any other action you could do.) I believe people either under or overestimate the importance of their actions, so if the universe doesn’t react how they feel it should, they say life isn’t fair. I believe if one overestimates their actions, they often don’t see the small reactions, because they are looking for something large and grand. I believe if one underestimates their actions, they either do not see the huge reactions, because they are looking for something small, or they get blindsided by an overwhelming reaction they weren’t prepared for. I believe that people do not fully understand or even realize most of the relationships with in the universe. I believe that everything in the universe is connected to every other thing in the universe, in some way or another. I believe that changing one thing can cause unforeseen effects in an unexpected place, because we cannot see the relationships between them.

midnight musings


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