I don’t get it. Every time I type ok, I get that little red squiggly line underneath. That little red line is supposed to tell me when things aren’t spelled correctly. But how is ok not ok? I’ve got the right letters in the right order. What is the problem?

The problem, apparently is that I’m NOT SHOUTING. The proper spelling of ok is not ok, but OK. Ok isn’t ok either. It’s all or nothing. But why do I have to shout OK in order for ok to be ok? It’s ok to shout OK some of the time, like when your friend yells at you from across the beach to bring the other cooler from the trunk of the car, and you shout OK back so he can hear you.

I personally find it acceptable to shout OK when someone is telling you to do something in a very specific way that you know how to do and you don’t need all the instructions, but they keep talking and repeating those unnecessary instructions in your ear and pointing over your shoulder no matter what you say. Shouting “OK!” can be a great way to get them to shut up for a second so you can tell them in no uncertain terms that you do in fact understand what you are doing. It’s also little more acceptable than shouting curse words at them, though possibly less satisfying.

That being said, I don’t want to shout ok all the time. Most of the time, ok is a very undramatic, unassuming filler word. It not supposed to stand out or be the center of attention. Some one asks me how I’m doing – I’m ok. I’m not OK!, I’m ok.

And ok isn’t ok just here at WordPress, when I’m typing pretty much anywhere there is automatic spell check (which normally I’m very grateful for!), Facebook, Microsoft Word, even my email at work. Like some weird conspiracy trying to force everyone to shout OK instead of just being able to say it like a non-crazy person.

I’m here today to ask everyone to not give in to the automatic spell checker pressure. If you want to shout OK, that’s fine. Have at it. But, if you’re just quietly and unremarkably ok, that’s ok. It’s ok to be ok.

(If you are at all interested as to why I have written a blog post about ok vs. OK, check out Ponderingspawned’s post – How are you doing?, read the post and the comments.)


8 thoughts on “why is it not ok to be ok?

  1. Possibly it’s because it’s spelled “okay” not “ok”… And the reason why spellcheckers tell you that “OK” is correct is because that is actually the abbreviation for the state of Oklahoma. So they aren’t telling you that you have to shout “okay”, cause when you type “OK” you’re actually saying “Oklahoma”… Sorry to ruin your conspiracy theory, Dear. 😛


  2. I have a wonderful & simple solution for you. Next time you type ‘ok’ & that annoying, little red line appears (there it is now), just put your cursor between the ‘o’ & the ‘k’, right click & select ‘Add to dictionary’ & Hey Presto! That annoying, little red line will disappear forever, never to be seen again, well until you use a different editor anyway. I think it works just about anywhere. So now you have a new problem – Finding something else to moan about lol (there it is again). I look forward to reading about it 🙂


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