Hello there.

Hope you are having a great night. Or morning. Whatever it is where ever you are, whenever you are reading this.

I’ve written a few posts about a few remarkable people I know.

I plan on writing more in the future, about some more remarkable people I’ve met in my life.

You might be asking yourself, what is it that causes me to feel a particular person is remarkable?

Whether you are asking yourself that question or not, here’s the answer:

A remarkable person is someone who is making the world a better place.

This could be trying to educate people, spread art, joy, and happiness, working to improve the living conditions of entire nations, or simply making the world a better place by simply being themselves.

I created a page to keep these posts organized. I call this page – remarkable people!

Amazingly creative and imaginative, yes?

Right now, there are only 3 posts about remarkable people, but like I said, I plan on adding more.

If you’d like to read about some remarkable people changing the world, check out the page. If you know any remarkable people making the world a better place, feel free to let me know about them!

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