The fall after I graduated high school, I went to college. A state university. One of the classes I took that first (and only) semester, was a philosophy class.

I took philosophy because thinking has always interested me, and my definition of philosophy is the art of thinking.

For whatever reason, that class did not capture my interest much. We read through a book of philosophy, that had chapters discussing God and computers (artificial intelligence) and some other things that I can’t remember. It was vaguely interesting I guess, but I don’t remember much intriguing or thoughtful conversation coming out of that book or that class.

Now, it’s possible that I just wasn’t paying attention, or perhaps the discussion was way over my head. Perhaps I’d have a different opinion if I re-read that book or re-took that class today.

Maybe I would’ve paid more attention if we had talked about the philosophy of art. I certainly have had an interesting time sharing and experiencing different art and reasons behind the art with other participates in Pondering Spawned’s World Through Our Eyes (WTOE) project.

It’s simple really. Just send a sample of what you create, and answer one little question. What drives you to create?

When April of Pondering Spawned asked those that had already been featured on WTOE to write guest posts about it, I was more than willing. This project of hers has really got me thinking about my own art, and the idea of sharing the art I create.

I was honored when April decided my post would start a week or more of a WTOE Extravaganza, with guest posts from several featured artists, all designed to stimulate conversation about why we create art.

I’m not one to get all crazy and ask and beg and plead people to read stuff I’ve written. Obviously, I’d like for you to read it, and I’d be very grateful if you decided to join in the conversation. If you would like to read my guest post, you can click here. If you’d like to see what World Through Our Eyes is all about, click here. You can even submit your own art, and your own reasons for creating.Β And don’t tell me you’re not an artist. Everyone’s an artist.

8 thoughts on “the art of thinking

  1. Not that it is “my fault” but I am sorry your state college experience with philosophy was so…lacking?


    A Philosophy LOVER

    P.S. – I totally dig your last line, and like everyone is an artist, everyone is a philosopher πŸ™‚ !!


    1. Thanks! But honestly was probably my fault that my experience with that philosophy class was so lacking. I wish I still had that book, so I could revisit it.

      But, you don’t need a class to think. You are either going to think or you’re not, regardless of what classes you take, or pay attention to.


      1. No doubt! I couldn’t agree more, to be honest, in fact I would be interested in your thoughts on philosophy of art. I do not wish to define philosophy really, so any words you might have that come to mind with the general and vast subject of “Art,” would make for a cool post. Perhaps something we could collaborate on even?


        1. Awesome! You can check out some of my thoughts on Art here:
          Pondering Spawned’s already started a collaboration called WTOE, you should check it out, all are free to join.
          I’d definitely be open to you and I working on a philosophy/art post.
          Oh, and I like to define things, but only while knowing that any definition is incomplete and always open for change, depending on point of view and learning new things.


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