Prompts for the Promptless talks about qualia this week. Qualia (or the singular, quale) refers to how we experience things. For example, two people can look at the moon, and see different things.

A lot of people see the man in the moon. But it was years and years before I ever saw the man in the moon. I saw a dragon instead. I’ve gotten a lot of weird looks when I’ve told  people I see a dragon rather than man’s face.

Full moon
What do you see when you look at the moon? – Full moon (Photo credit: elPadawan)

I can now sometimes see the man in the moon, but only when I try, specifically, to see it. Most of the time, I still see a dragon. But that’s alright. I think I’ll just keep on seeing the dragon in the moon.

Oh and by the way, if you’re like me, you see “quale” and think that it is pronounced like “quail” right? Nope. Apparently, it’s two syllables. It’s more like kwah-lee or kwah-ley or something. (


3 thoughts on “the dragon in the moon

  1. Thank you for this dragon image which I had not seen until you mentioned it and now is my chosen default setting for the Moon – of course! I too am fascinated by how we individually perceive and how group suggestion can limit individual creativity.


  2. I’m glad you can see a dragon in the moon too! Dragons are much more exciting anyway. It’s amazing how many different ways individuality vs. group mentality can manifest. I see it at work quite a bit, where the pressure to go along with the group mentality is high, and blogging, where individuality is celebrated.


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