The sun was setting, but didn’t sleep. The shadows stretched, but didn’t reach. She flies through the air as angels sing, as night and day balance on the point of a pin. Her dad is there to catch her, but she does not fall. She catches clouds of color and hangs in twilight’s glow. There she was and there she stayed, out of reach and out of harm’s way. In her mind’s eye, her hair streams out behind her, as she flies to magical worlds leaving fears far behind.  Not quite laughing but not quite scared as devils danced, as emotions balance on a breath of wind.

The cancer forgotten, but never gone, the pain was fading, but never for long. Cool air battled the heat of the moment, storms rage silently as hot and cold balance on the thought of a dream. Her parent’s tears and smiles always bring her home, and the doctors and nurses never leave her alone. Even with all of dad’s hugs and all of mom’s kisses, she can’t escape her fate. The whole world cries as life and death balance on the edge of time.


Original story written for Flash Friday 43.

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Conundrums?

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