The scattered fog drifts slowly by
Thoughts drift slowly through my mind
The moon glows bright with silver light
Feet stroll down silent, winding roads

Like iron to a magnet my thoughts are
Drawn to the image of her face, her eyes,
And the sound of the last words she said

My feet move faster down hidden ways
But the past is always a second behind

I fly, I fall, into the unknown future

A slipping, sliding, grinding halt
As the fog and dark both do part

Gaping, I do not know what I see
A hovel, a cabin, a castle, a palace
The front door opens, beckoning me

The lamps are lit, the shutters closed
The night and nightmares left behind
A food-laden table set for two, for twelve
But either way too many, or too few

For when I came into the room, two became three
Two calm and poised, one tired and astounded
One said rest, one said eat, the third stayed silent

Two ladies welcomed me into their home
A stranger greeted as one they know

Twins they were, but as different as can be

One was sheathed in thin satiny black
The other dressed in homespun wool

Tall, short, plump or thin, they were anything
You could imagine. Long hair, short hair, black
Brown, red or gold, it did not seem to matter

One was lust, pure and simple
Any man would beg to be near her
The other radiated home and comfort
A stable home, a stable life

Looking at me with eyes as deep as the sky
They offered me one thing, then another
A choice to make and no time to choose

But there was a darkness behind the light
The bitter lay to close behind the sweet

Honey and wine both reeked of poison

There were dangers here much greater
Than the nightmares right outside

What choice to choose?
Both promise pleasure and long life
Both lead to pain and certain death

I thought again of her face
Her simple, plain, gorgeous face
Bright wide eyes, bright wide smile
Never held any deceit or guile

The two before me lost their grins
They knew I had not chosen either of them
They left, I know not how

The hut, house, manor melted
Leaving me alone in the dark

Alone with my thoughts of her

The moon glows bright with silver light
Feet stroll down silent, winding roads

Roads still filled with pitfalls and danger
Life always ultimately leads to death
But still I hope and smile as I wander

Can’t see what waits ahead
The past as always dogging at my heels
But the blind future no longer scares me
I’m no longer running from what’s behind

Her wraith that once haunted
Is now a companion and a friend
She only ever wanted the best for me

I travel through the night
With stars and ghosts to guide me

Trying to return to where I belong

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