Falling makes
A walk through the woods
A quiet magical journey

The trees
Bare of leaves
Sunlight diffused seems to
Come from everywhere

Cold air
Sharp and fair
Few have gone this way before me
The world is empty but for snow

A whiff
Of something
Decidedly unpleasant
Brushes against my nose

Resignedly I sigh
Reluctantly I look
At my shoe.



This lovely little poem was inspired by my walks to and from work. I am lucky enough that part of that walk is along a walking path that runs through the woods and near a river (and yes, over the river too). There have been times when I’ve walked through freshly fallen snow, and the world seems quiet and empty. Luckily, I have not yet stepped in any dog feces, but people do walk their dogs along that path, and it would not surprise me to unintentionally find a pile hidden under the snow.

Below is a picture my wife took along that walking path. Imagine this scene in the dark before sunrise and in the afternoon light, and you’ll have an idea of my walks to and from work.

Winter River

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