So two days ago was Tuesday. I come home from work to find my wife writing poems. Haiku to be specific. She was writing them for a contest on The Matticus Kingdom, who asked people to write haiku about Tuesday. The best haiku would be selected by djmatticus, and the winner would win a book, Fauxpocalypse, a collection of short stories, one of which djmatticus wrote.

You know those times when you see or hear something and you just can’t stop thinking about it? Hungry for dinner, slightly tired from work (Not too tired, I work in an office. Well, an office building. My work space is a cubicle, but whatever, still not much physical labor.) but my brain started thinking about Tuesdays and counting syllables. I sat down and ended up writing out 6 and half haiku.

Ridiculous, silly little things. What do you expect when the first thing you think of is “Tuesday’s on fire”? I don’t even know what that means!
I wasn’t sure if any of them were good, I knew some of them weren’t, but casual haiku contests are meant to be fun and silly.

Here are the 6 haiku I submitted:

Tuesday’s on fire
So break out the marshmallows
Let’s eat us some s’mores

I have a headache
Tuesdays – aren’t they terrible?
Mostly I survive

Oh what fun, said he
Dancing, laughing, the devil
Created Tuesdays

I have no reason
and no rhyme. Just a haiku
for a book. Tuesday

Have haiku, will read
Win a free book on Tuesday?
Yes please, and thank you.

Who cares about them?
Waste of time and space. Mondays
are more popular.

Like I said – silly little things, but I had a lot of fun with it. But the craziest thing of all? Out of all the many haiku written about Tuesday, one of mine was selected as the winner!

Bonus points if you can guess which one was the winner. (No, no free books from me. I don’t have any books to give away. But bonus points, I can give away lots of bonus points!)

Wait! Didn’t I say I wrote 6 and a half haiku?

Yes, yes I did. I started writing one, but didn’t finish it. My lovely wife took it (with my permission) and turned it into something cool and usable, and submitted it. That one ended up being an unofficial honorable mention, or something like that.

I’ll share it here, for your convenient reading pleasure:

Imagine all the
People counting on fingers
For Tuesday’s haiku

Controlled Chaos

So here’s a question that I’m too lazy to Google right now – What is the plural of haiku? Is it haiku, like I’m assuming, or is it haikus? Or maybe haiki?

Anyone who answers gets some bonus points. Bonus bonus points for creative answers.

5 thoughts on “silly little bits of craziness

  1. I know which one on that list was a winner! But I don’t think I qualify to enter to win bonus points for that because I knew which one was a winner before this blog post was written… and possibly being your wife disqualifies me for trying to win bonus points on these things as well… 😛


    1. No one is disqualified for any reason! Anyone is eligible to submit an answer, and everyone has a chance to win bonus points. Things like prior knowledge or inside information make no difference here. This isn’t Wall Street! 🙂


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