My wonderful wife started participating in this “Share Your World” challenge hosted by Cee on Cee’s Photography. It’s pretty simple, every week 4 questions are asked about yourself or the area in which you live, and you answer them. My wife’s first post in the series was 4 weeks in, so she did 16 questions all at once to catch up. See my amazing wife’s amazing post here.

My wife suggested I participate too. Well, I wasn’t going to start participating in a challenge held on a blog I don’t follow, so today I headed on over to Cee’s Photography – and found one of the most beautiful blogs I’ve ever seen.

Lots of photographs, interesting layout, inspiring on many different levels, and some really neat, low stress challenges.

So, I’m going to go ahead and participate in Cee’s Share Your World challenge. I think I’ll do what my wife did, and answer the 16 questions from this year’s first 4 weeks worth of questions all at once, then take it one week at a time moving forward.

Week 1

What are some of your favorite type of proteins to eat? (meat, eggs, soy, cheese, nuts)? 

I would say nuts are my favorites. I love cashews, macadamias, walnuts, and pecans, just to name a few. Also, I probably eat far too much peanut butter than is good for me.

Are you a morning or night person? 

I am a morning person. I always have been. When I was in Boy Scouts, I was often the first person up in the morning while camping, sometimes before sunrise. Even though I often stay up late and sleep late to spend more time with my night owl of a wife, I am still a morning person, and dawn is my favorite time of day.

What is your preferred hot drink: coffee, tea, water or other?

Even though I’m not a huge chocolate fan, hot chocolate is my favorite hot drink. I don’t drink coffee, I can’t stand it actually. I do drink various teas every now and then, too. But hot chocolate is by far my favorite. Nothing fancy, but  I do like to add a few marshmallows.

Hot Chocolate w Marshmallows

But just a few.

Out of your five senses (touch, taste, sight, smell, hearing) which is your favorite?

This is a tough one for me, but I would have to say touch.  As important and convenient seeing and hearing things are (I couldn’t do my job without sight and hearing for one thing), and as nice smelling and tasting things is (usually), I need to feel the world around me more than anything else.

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”
– Thich Naht Hanh

Week 2

If you had to move to a country besides the one you currently live in, where would you move and why?

Mars. Me on MarsI would like to live on Mars.

Oh wait.

A country. Umm, New Zealand. New Zealand seems like a nice place to live. Says me, who has never been there, talked to anyone who has, or done any research regarding New Zealand.

Music or silence while working?

I prefer music, though for me it’s almost like silence. Let me try to explain. When I’m listening to music, most of the time I’m not listening to the music, I’m feeling the mood of the music. The music (and lyrics, if any) float through my mind behind my consciousness. I can read, write, draw, even just sit and think (or walk and think), and not actually hear the music at all for the most part. My MP3 player can cycle through several of my all time favorite songs, and I won’t even realize it.

Yeah, my beautiful wife thinks I’m crazy too.

What is your favorite color?

My favorite color? I like the color of a mostly clear sky just before the sun peeks over the horizon. It’s kinda gray, sorta blue, sometimes mixed with a golden/orange/pink/yellow. The sky looks clear and thin and fragile, like a slightly cloudy but perfectly smooth window looking out into the universe. Have fun putting that on a crayon wrapper.

Sunrise 10.27.13

This is a picture I took several months ago of the sunrise over the Wasatch Mountains. This picture doesn’t do the colors justice at all, but hopefully you get the idea.

Do you have a bucket list? What are your three items? A bucket list are things you want to do before you die.kfc-bucket-of-chicken

Regular, extra crispy and grilled.

Ha! Just kidding. Had to throw that in there because I told my wife I would. Now for my real answer.

I don’t have an actual bucket list, but there are some things I’d like to do before I die, if I get the chance. A few of them, in no particular order, are sky-diving, write a novel, and see the Redwood trees. I’d actually like to go on a cross-country trip again, and visit as many national, state, and local parks as I could.

Week 3

In what do you find the simplest of joys?

Writing. Drawing. Nature. My gorgeous wife. Reading.

Jello or Pudding? And what is your favorite flavor?

I’m gonna have to say pudding here, though I do like Jello. However, with pudding, I’m much less likely to get in trouble for playing with my food. I like key lime pie, lemon meringue, and butterscotch. Oh, and my mom used to make this banana pudding dish with vanilla wafers in the bottom, and whipped cream on top, and actual bananas in it and it was delicious like you wouldn’t believe.

Is there a language you would like to learn?

I was able to take a semester of American Sign Language when I was in high school, but they cancelled the follow-up class to it because the teacher left. I’d like learn American Sign Language, though by now I’d have to start over from the beginning. (Though I do still remember the sign for “dance”!)

ASL Dance
Image from

Do you prefer juice or fruit?

Fruit. If you eat fresh fruit, you get a two for one deal, the fruit and the juice! You didn’t ask, but I’ll tell you anyway – pears are my favorite, followed closely by strawberries.

Week 4

Do you recharge your energy by going out with friends for a good time or by spending with quiet time alone?

Generally by spending quiet time alone, though sometimes hanging out with the right people can energize me.

What is the most number of blankets you’ve ever had on your bed?

4. 4 blankets on my bed. Right now. I can’t wait for summer…

You are invited to a party that will be attended by many fascinating people you never met. Would you attend this party if you were to go by yourself?

I would. Maybe. Depends. If my wife wanted me to stay home with her, I’d probably do that instead. But other than that, I’d probably go.

Do you like talking to people on the phone? Or do you prefer voice mail or email?

Not many people call me, but if I know who’s calling I’ll usually pick up. Mostly I speak to my mother on the phone. I generally prefer email or instant messaging though.



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