Some say that life isn’t fair. I believe life is fair. I believe people are blind to the big picture, which if they could see, they would realize that there is balance in all things. I believe that for every move you make, the universe reacts, in equal kind. (And by “move”, I mean any thought, emotion, or physical action, including sounds, language, listening, seeing, feeling, movement, silence, stillness or any other action you could do.) I believe people either under or overestimate the importance of their actions, so if the universe doesn’t react how they feel it should, they say life isn’t fair.

I believe if one over estimates their actions, they often don’t see the small reactions, because they are looking for something large and grand.


“Why?” says I

And the birds still sing in dawn’s gray light

“Why not?” I asked

And the bees still buzz through the afternoon

“I will not give up!” I shouted

And the trees still sway in the evening breeze

“I think, therefore I am.” I murmured

And the waves still crash upon the moonlit shore

I lived

I laughed and I cried

I raged and rebelled

I quietly complied

I loved and I lost

I died

And the earth still spins through endless space

I believe if one under estimates their actions, they either do not see the huge reactions, because they are looking for something small, or they get blindsided by an overwhelming reaction they weren’t prepared for.

small acts

A flap of a butterfly’s wings
they say can start a hurricane
a thousand miles away

The clouds muster

the winds bluster

the rains thunder

and death and destruction abound

But how do we know
And why don’t we say
that the opposite is true?

A flap of a butterfly’s wings
can stop the horror too

I believe that people do not fully understand or even realize most of the relationships with in the universe. I believe that everything in the universe is connected to every other thing in the universe, in some way or another. I believe that changing one thing can cause unforeseen effects in an unexpected place, because we cannot see the relationships between them.

*The italicized text was written by me on 4/20/2010, as one of my midnight musings.

I’ve posted some of this before, but late last night was thinking about futility and how small actions can have big consequences and how often actions you think will be huge and life changing don’t seem to make much difference to anything.

I first wrote “insignificant”, but was unsatisfied with it, because sometimes the things we do or say can make a huge difference, in our lives and others.

Seemingly small actions having huge consequences always brings to my mind the butterfly/hurricane theory, and the saying about the feather that broke the camel’s back.

Seemingly small actions – a thoughtless comment, cutting someone off in traffic, etc. – things we might not even think twice about, can be an unbearable burden on someone else. It might be small in itself, but we can never know how many other small things that person is dealing with.

But small actions don’t always have to have disastrous results. What if we took a feather off the camel’s back? What if a dozen people, or a thousand, all took one feather off the camel’s back?

One feather doesn’t make much difference to one person, but a thousand feathers would make a big difference to the camel.

And sometimes, burdens that weigh lightly on us is a very heavy load to someone else. What seems like a small, insignificant act of kindness can change someones day, or even their whole outlook on life. It might even change the course of their life, possibly avoiding a storm full of destruction, pain, and even death.

midnight musings

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