Sluice 1 - Fairstone Apts - 3.3.2014

Abandoned to a

lonely fate, needed no more

alone and useless


Sluice 5 - Fairstone Apts - 3.3.2014

Broken in pieces

time’s unendurable weight

grinds all into dust


Sluice 7 - Fairstone Apts - 3.3.2014

Dreaming of the stream

reaching for the river, what

was, will never be


This is my entry for The Daily Press’ Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned and Weekly Writing Challenge: Threes.

The photo challenge asked for pictures showing “abandoned”, either literal or otherwise. I went with the literal route, taking pictures of this broken sluice in between where I work and and where I live.

The writing challenge was to write a post based on three photographs, either a set they provided for inspiration, or a set of your own. One of their ideas was to write three haiku, each one representing one of the photos.

I obviously decided to use my own photos as inspiration, and I almost never turn down an opportunity to write haiku.


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