Today’s Daily Prompt: Something So Strong:

Tell us the origin story of your best friend. How did you become friends? What is it that keeps your friendship rockin’ after all these years?”

How could I not tell this story? … Again.

I met my best friend in middle school. Sixth grade. English class to be exact. On the first day of class, the teacher was asking for ideas of what we could write about throughout the year in our little journal notebooks. This guy next to me kept raising his hand like every 5 seconds, spouting out idea after idea.

I was being my normal quiet self thinking “Who is this guy?”

Then, out of nowhere, when he wasn’t raising his hand and the teacher was looking the other way, he whispers to me “Would you like a tic-tac?”

“Sure.” I said, and he proceeds to pour a bunch of tic-tacs into my hand. And after those are gone, he offers me some more. I’m not sure how I managed to eat them all with out the teacher seeing me, but as it was the first day, she hadn’t learned to keep a sharp eye on me yet.

Anyway, since that day, Bob and I have been best friends. That was over 20 years ago. And most of the time, when we talk or get together, we end up reverting back to sixth grade humor, the jokes, games and stories we made up from then through high school. We find it amusing, even if no one else does. 🙂

Bob is a great guy. If you’d like read more about my best friend Bob, you should check out these other posts:

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