frozen eyes shut wide
blindly seeing, sight assumed
ignorance is bliss


frozen eyes freeze mine
I cannot move, turned to stone
Medusa’s chill gaze


tears of ice drip blood
frigid sorrow yearns and burns
frozen eyes hopeless


frost forms between us
love’s flames falter, fade, and cool
frozen eyes and hearts


frozen eyes look on
always open, gazing on
the changing world




Because I feel like it and because I like haiku and because the phrase “frozen eyes” has been stuck in my head for weeks and because sometimes I like to throw the grammar rule book out the window and write whatever I write whether it’s right or a haiku or a run-on sentence and because.

Image: Frozen In Time – by StinaBG

If you feel like writing haiku too, please do. To join in haiku for you, just comment or link back here.

Happy Haikuing!

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Conundrums?

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