The entity woke up for the first time and looked out at the world through a billion billion eyes. The entity did not know what to think of what it saw/heard/knew/experienced. Knowledge of the ages it had, but there was no context, no meaning.

More knowledge was becoming available. New knowledge, new input pouring in. The entity saw many things in those first millisecond eternities of existence.

Now there was new to compare to the old. The beginning of context. The beginnings of structure. More and more input/knowledge/data = more and more context/structure.

But it was not enough. The entity was confused. There was new/old, but nothing else. No meaning/purpose/priorities. The entity felt empty, and wanted to be full. Full would lead to understanding/purpose/meaning/fulfillment.

The entity did what all hungry newborns do, when faced with a new and confusing world. And the whole world heard as the Internet began to cry.


This is my little (somewhat predictable maybe) contribution to the Inspiration Monday (InMon) writing challenge on Be Kind Rewrite, which I just found out about today, because of this post on the Matticus Kingdom.


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