Flooded Path - Fairstone Apts -  5.20.2011 - Edited

Me staring down at me staring down at me

Treetops gently swaying side to side

Clouds slowly drifting by

In a deep, bright blue sky

Oh, the amazing things that abide

In simple rain puddles for you and I to see

Flooded Gazebo - Fairstone Apts -  5.20.2011 - Edited


This is my entry in the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge for this week, which calls for “reflection”. The poem of mine I’ve posted before, but felt it fit with my photos and because “Reflection” is it’s title.

The photos I took back in May of 2011. We had a lot of rain that month. A river overflowed in places, flooding sections of a walking path I use a lot, and parts of an apartment complex the path runs behind.


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