burned by two fires
one no one could see
tied and surrounded by enemies
they thought they caught her
they thought to end her
but as the flames grew hotter at her feet
the secret inside her burned brighter
she must not tell
they couldn’t know
the heat in her heart filled her head to toe
she’d rather die than let it out
but she had no control
the fire charring her knees
fed the one raging in her soul
the crackling cords rough against her feet
the choking smoke rough inside her throat
the flames leapt higher
and seared her bones
her clothes fell away like so much ash
her skin felt tight
her blood boiled in her veins
she could no longer take the heat
her secret she could no longer keep
she drew in one last breath
and the fire poured out
as she screamed at the sky
the fire storm raged and burned the whole town
no building left standing
enemies and innocents all fallen
burned as she was to burn
one set of foot prints in the ashes
leading away from her would be pyre
she walks away crying
her soul still on fire

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Conundrums?

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