in the wind

A poem is just a poem. Words strung together in vague and mysterious ways. Unless you put it with a picture. Now it’s fancy. Trendy. Exciting. Like those “inspirational quotes” people share on Facebook and shit. Except this is about dying a horrible death in a desert. Not exactly feel-good motivational material. Of course, it might motivate people to avoid deserts. Or at least bring lots of water with them. So this isn’t just a poem on a picture, or motivational, it’s also educational. A life saver. I am saving lives. I might as well wear a mask and a cape, ’cause I’m a goddamned superhero, saving people from doom by dehydration.

Like and Share if you want to be a superhero and save people’s live too.

Ignore and keep scrolling if you drown baby chinchillas.

That’s what I’m supposed to say, right? Like all those other inspirational pictures with words out there on what was supposed to be the information¬†superhighway? I think there’s a traffic jam. It seems to have turned into a parking lot for click-baity faux news sites (“You WON’T believe what happened next!”), pictures of cats (which, admittedly, most of which are cute…) and DIY projects that 99% of the people sharing will likely never do.

I think my superpowers are sarcasm and cynicism. Especially when I’m tired. Cause this isn’t going to save anybody’s life. It’s not educational, motivational, or trendy. It’s just words on a picture. Words on a picture, people. Nothing remarkable to see here.

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Conundrums?

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