You are razor sharp.
your glance, your smile, your words, all
slice open my heart.

my love pours out, your
love pours in. You heal me with
your razor sharp touch.

We met, we danced, on
the razor sharp line between
life, death, light and dark

but you are now no
more, my razor sharp love. I
am left all alone.

your beauty, never to
grace this earth again. our love,
razor sharp, cut short.

lives crashed and burned. shards,
razor sharp, flew and cut out
your life. and my heart.

life has no mercy,
mind and soul is dull and slow.
razor sharp? not me.

You are not alive,
but I am the one left in
the razor sharp dark.

I am done, my dear.
I will find a way to be
razor sharp again.

razor sharp breath catches.
stinging pain, a line of red.
life’s blood drips away.

warm water dulls the pain.
your face appears in my mind.
regret, razor sharp.

razor, sharp, drops to
the floor. I go to meet you.
time stops, razor sharp.

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