Open the door now
Waiting only makes it worse
See what’s waiting there

Do not wait for life
For life will not wait for you
Move forward and live

Many years ago in high school,  I joined a club called SciFi club. It was basically a group of geeks hanging out together.

Someone had the bright idea of starting a game of D&D. With everyone. Pro tip: Don’t play D&D with 30+ people, especially if most of them are first timers.

I don’t remember how long it took to get everyone started with their characters, but eventually we all sat down with our level 1 character sheets, the DM in the middle with his books and maps and what not.

We started in a dungeon. There were two guys sitting across from me who were … I’ll just say they were detail oriented. It was apparently very important to figure out what order the group was walking down the hallway. It took a while to get started.

A largely uneventful but arduous trek brought us to a room with 3 doors. The two self appointed leaders started figuring out where every one should be standing in the room. I got annoyed with spending my time listening to people argue about where they were standing in a non-existent room, so I said “I open the middle door.”

Someone said we weren’t ready yet, but I just repeated myself louder.


The DM said okay, and then a minotaur stepped into the room and hit me for a few measly hit points.

A friend of mine attacked the minotaur and hit it for a few measly hit points.

And then 30 other people all jumped in and hit the minotaur for a few measly hit points.

The minotaur did not survive. I did.

Just open the damn door already.

Things will never be perfect. The lights will never all be green. There will always be surprises, things you were not prepared for. Don’t let that stop you from getting started. Don’t stand there staring at a door forever.

Prepare for what you can. Be aware of your surroundings. But open the door, and let come what may.

4 thoughts on “open the door

    1. This D&D “game” was my introduction to D&D. It was actually the very first meeting of D&D club, not Sci-fi club. This was the first and only time we attempted to have everyone play together. The next meeting we split off into 3-4 games that were all along the “rule following” spectrum… This comment was going to be a lot longer, but I think I just found a blog post topic… You’ll have to wait till I post it in a few days to hear the rest of the story. 🙂

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