NanoPoblano Day 5.

I got nothing.

Well, not nothing. You can’t have nothing. But I don’t have anything. Not looking good for Day 30…

Maybe I should come up with a plan, like my super smart wife has. She has themes for different days of the week. Like Fiction Friday. So she knows on Fridays she is going to write and post some fiction. And Wordless Wednesdays, for posting a photo or two. (She likes alliteration. I mean, who doesn’t?)

I looked through some blogging prompt ideas, which are really good. Looking for some yourself? Try Or There is also I have a few more half formed proto-ideas bouncing around inside my skull now.

I just don’t feel like my brain is working today. But let’s try anyway. I’ll come up with some themes for myself. But not nice and neat ones like my wife’s. Strange and bizarre they will be…

Why Mondays are Amazing (What? I wanted a challenge.)

Tuesday’s on Fire (Bonus points if you get this reference.)

Why not Wednesdays (Because why not?)

Themeless Thursdays (Oh look! Alliteration!)

Seventeen Syllable Friday (Granted, I like haiku every day of the week…)

Lazy Day Saturday (Look at that! I’m already following my theme schedule!)

Picture Day Sunday

Will I actually follow this schedule? Who knows. I can pretty much post whatever I want and just say I’m following it. Tuesday’s on Fire is pretty vague as far as themes go. I still don’t know what it means, which means it can be anything.

But we will see. I guess this is my post for Day 5. Hopefully I will do better moving forward. Speaking of my trip to the moon (which I wasn’t, but I am now), I haven’t started yet. Still thinking about it, but that gets me nowhere.

Oh yeah. I need a poem in here somewhere if I’m going to keep up with NaPoWriMo as well.

Okay, here goes:


A haiku about
nothing is garbage and crap
but still a haiku


Oh come on, I can do better than that, even on a day like today. Alright, let’s try again:


heart beating to time’s clock ticking
precious seconds falling away

Death is right behind

lungs struggle with labored breaths
screaming with the strain

Death is right behind

eyes blinded, shut tight
against bright lights shining

Death is right behind

the world all around turns cold
and harsh against naked skin

Death is right behind

no fighting, no turning back
you cannot save yourself

Death is right behind

all the world is open before you
your life is just beginning
but, little baby, never forget:

Death is right behind


Ahhh. Now the words flow. That felt good. Satisfying. Like picking at a scab until you start bleeding again. A little morbid and dark perhaps. But life is like that sometimes.

May your words never stop flowing.


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