Heart beats and Mind thinks
and Soul soars. the words flow free
of me, into the world


The words flow.

My wife (who may think she isn’t much of a writer but would be wrong if she thinks that) has started writing some 6 word stories to post on her blog.

Her doing that reminded me of a blog I used to read that would post a lot of 6 word stories, and that I wrote a few of my own.

One of them has stuck in my brain for all this time, simply for the imagery, the concept behind it.

“Empty park bench, except for her.”

Not very good by itself I don’t think, but I took the idea behind it and started writing today. Yesterday. Whenever it was.

I was thinking it would be a fairly quick, short story. Maybe even something I could post here.

Several hours and 2200+ words later, and I’m still not done. I don’t even know where it’s going to end. The words flow.

But I still needed to post something today, so I wrote the haiku above.

And now I bid you good night. Or good morning. Or whatever. I’m going to bed.

6 thoughts on “the words flow free of me

  1. I would like to read that story when it’s finished – it sounds amazing. Your wife had an amazing 6 word story today with beautiful colored stones I believe if I have the right wife. Ha!~ How about “Bench story intrigues me beyond words.” for my 1st 6 word story. 🙂


    1. 😀 Well, I only have one wife, so I bet you found the right one! Though the picture of the stones is supposed to be the background of her blog. There was a underwater picture to go with her 6 word story. I hope there isn’t some weird glitch showing you different pictures. But thank you. I’ll have to see how it turns out. Hopefully I finish it relatively soon. I have a habit of putting down unfinished stories and picking them back up again months or even years later.

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      1. My WordPress has been doing all sorts of weird things with what are supposed to be my feature photos. The other day a red pepper thumbnail ended up as my featured photo in all its ugly glory.depending o


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