“dawn breaks”

as the saying goes

or sometimes

“the break of dawn”

or simply


But what does dawn break? The night? If you are up early enough, and paying attention, you can see that’s not true. The night fades away long before the sun rises above the horizon. Slinking into the shadows of nooks and crannies to wait out the day.

Or perhaps it is dawn that breaks? The moment when the sun first peeks over the horizon, dawn shatters, and the sun spends all day searching for and picking up the pieces. Perhaps spends all night puzzling those pieces back together again, just in time for the next morning.

What if the sun couldn’t find all the pieces? What if night snagged a few and hid them in some deep dark crevices where the sun couldn’t see them? What if there was a time where the sun, like all the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn’t put dawn back together again?

What if one day, there was no day? No dawn. Just the darkness of night. Forever.

Well, one good note, I think I have a title for the story I’ve been writing. “Dawn Breaks” certainly sounds better than the temporary “Early morning visit to the park” I used to save my file.


dawn breaks, shattering
shards fall on my upturned face
daybreak warms my soul




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