I am a white. My heritage is a wonderfully mashed up mess of Western European. Welsh, English, German, French, and a little bit of Scottish and Irish I think. And that’s just from my mother’s side.

I am straight. I am a male that identifies as a male, that is sexually attracted to females. In other words, I have a penis and penises do not excite me.

While I no longer consider myself to be part of any religion, I was born and raised as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, otherwise known as Latter Day Saints, LDS, Mormons, or those people that knock on your door to talk about Jesus Christ that aren’t Jehovah’s Witnesses. While some people would disagree, the LDS faith is a Christian one.

I am healthy. I have no debilitating or chronic diseases. I am not addicted to any drugs or substances. I can see, hear, walk, run, write, bend, lift, read, and speak without any significant or consistent issues. Any issues I have would be due to a temporary lack of focus, usually from being tired or lack of interest.

Other than mild depression that fluctuates, usually with the seasons, I do not suffer from mental illness. I do not have PSTD, panic attacks, phobias or major anxiety for any reason.

I am not rich, but I am not poor. I don’t have everything I want, but I’ve never lacked for the things I need. I’ve gone through some rough times. Struggled to pay my bills. Eaten instant oatmeal and Ramen noodles every day for a while. But I’ve never truly gone hungry. I’ve spent a week or two living out of a tent and my car, but I’ve never been truly homeless. And I’ve always been able to find a way through to a better place, often with the help of others.

There were a few people that made fun of me growing up. But there was no systematic, consistent bullying. No one has ever targeted me everyday non stop. I wasn’t popular by any means, but I always had friends. I’m never alone unless I want to be, and sometimes not even then.

I am about as privileged an individual can be in the United States of America.

I have more to say, but not today. I have to be at work by nine. And I am late.


Story not finished
End is nigh, but not quite yet
Story of my life



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