I have something of a collection of hats. I have quite a few. 24, actually. Most of them are baseball style caps, and a lot of them have a little story behind them.

This is the story behind one of my caps, and why it is sad.

At my first job after moving to Utah, the manager and assistant manager were both University of Utah (U of U) fans. U of U’s rival is Brigham Young University, or BYU.

The manager told me that on the day of the big rival football game, I better not wear blue, which is BYU’s main color.

Well, my wife and I were at Walmart, and we saw a rack with U of U and BYU stuff. I took a quick look, and saw that the U of U hats were over $25. Nope.

Later I saw a hat that was just a plain solid color, the same as U of U’s main color. $5. That hat I bought, and wore it on the day of the game. I’ve kept that hat, and worn it several times since in the past 12 years.

But I haven’t worn it in many months now. If I ever wear it again, it won’t be for a very long time.

For those of you who don’t know, the University of Utah’s main color is red.

I own a solid red hat, and it is sad, because I may never wear it again. If you don’t know why, you must not have paid much attention to the US President-elect’s campaign. I am not a diehard political person, but I do try to avoid being, acting like, and/or being mistaken for a racist, bigoted, chauvinistic neo-nazi. That’s not politics, that’s just trying to be a decent human being.


Man of many hats.
Jack of all trades, Master of
none and of no one.



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