And everything is fine.

Quite often, when I ask a coworker how they are doing on a Monday, their answer is a sad “It’s Monday.”

What is it about Mondays? Just because it’s the end of the weekend and the start of the work week. Just because you don’t get to sleep in. Just because some burns popcorn in the break room microwave.

None of that means Mondays are terrible and out to get you. It’s just a day of the week.

Where would we be without Mondays?

Without Mondays, there wouldn’t be any Tuesdays. And Tuesdays are on fire so we can roast marshmallows. You can even make stores if you want.

And then Tuesdays turn to Wednesdays, which was my favorite day of the week when I was a teenager. And it has the added benefit of being hard to spell.

Next comes Thursdays. Honestly, I don’t have much to say about Thursdays. Anyone else?

And then there’s Fridays! Who doesn’t like Friday? Maybe someone that doesn’t work the average Monday through Friday work week. I’ve done that before. But still – Friday!

And everyone knows what happens after Friday. The weekend! Freedom! Free from work, from waking up early! Free to run all those errands you put off during the week. Free to finish all those chores you were too tired to do during the week.

So, in conclusion, Mondays lead to freedom! Mondays are amazing!

You’re welcome. Have a great day.


I take a deep breath
Dive right in to get it done
Done with all Mondays




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