Breathing in

refreshing steam

Layers of flavor

swirling on my tongue

Comforting heat

warming body and soul


Inspiration comes in many forms. I didn’t know what I was going to post today. My wife said to me that she knew I wouldn’t want inspiration from the tiny coffee bean, but asked if I’d would be inspired by tiny tea leaves.

It was her cute way of asking me if I wanted a cup of tea.

I chuckled, but declined the cup of tea. I do drink tea sometimes and generally enjoy it when I do. But I didn’t think a cup of tea would help me figure out what to post today.

But then I ended up writing a short poem all about tea. So I guess I was inspired by tea, even though I didn’t have any.

Of course, the poem is quite vague. It could also be referring to cocoa. Which is fine with me, hot chocolate is the best chocolate, in my opinion.

I suppose, if you’re not like me and actually like coffee, you could say my poem refers to coffee. It doesn’t, but if it makes you feel better about life to think so, go right ahead. it doesn’t hurt me any.

There’s another hot drink I had many many years ago, and haven’t even thought of for a long time. I had a boy scout leader heat up Tang for the troop on chilly morning on a camp out.

If you don’t know what Tang is, it is an orangish flavored powdered drink mix. It was actually pretty good hot. Not better than cocoa or tea, but better than coffee.

Of course, almost anything is better than coffee…



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