I am good at thinking up worst case scenarios. I can “What If” the shit out of anything. Now, I am not an anxious or paranoid person. Mostly because I know that my worst case scenarios are not likely to ever happen. Indeed, most are generally not even allowed with our current knowledge of physics and the universe. They are great for coming up with story ideas and potential plot lines for putting fictional characters through hell. But I am not afraid of them.

But sometimes I come up with a thought that may actually (however unlikely) come about. One of these ideas has been bouncing around in my skull for the past several days, and I woke up this morning thinking about it.

I’ve been seeing a few posts and articles shared on Facebook recently about how the election results from Tuesday November 8th did not decide who was going to be the next President of the United States. The electoral college gets to decide that sometime in December. The election is only a projection on how the electoral college votes will go, but it is not a guarantee.  Not only that, but there have been calls for recounts in at least three states, and I heard at least one of those is actually going to happen.

So, there is a possibility, possibly a tiny one, that Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States.

I do not believe that a Trump presidency will be good for America or the world, and have I not seen any evidence to the contrary. But what do you think will happen if it is suddenly announced that Hillary Clinton will be our next President?

When Donald Trump was announced as the President-Elect, there were anti-Trump rallies and protests in several places all across America. They are still happening. From what I’ve heard, most (but not all, unfortunately) of these were relatively peaceful.

If it is suddenly announced that Donald Trump will no longer be our President, do you think his supporters will sit quietly in their living rooms and say, “Oh well, it was fun while it lasted?”

I don’t think so either.

Most likely, they will rally and protest too. But, it is the right of any American citizen to peacefully protest anything they feel like protesting.

That is not the worst case scenario.

Sometimes, however, a protest turns into a riot.

Violence can start at the drop of a hat in highly charged situations. And at least some of these anti-Hillary protests, there could very well be groups of pro-Hillary supporters rallying and celebrating. Talk about a recipe for disaster.

Protests that started out peaceful have turned violent before. Cars get smashed up, set on fire, even flipped over. Stores are broken into and looted. People get hurt, or killed, sometimes not even on purpose, they just get trampled in the confusion.

This is not the worst case scenario.

Now, a lot of Trump supporters are are very vocal about the 2nd Amendment, the right to own and carry firearms. They are the ones that accused President Obama of trying to steal their guns, and seem to assume that Hillary would do the same. Do you think it is possible that at least some of these protesters will bring their guns along with them? Yeah, me too.

If Hillary is announced as President, if anti-Hillary protests happen, if those protests turn violent, if guns are present, what do you think the chances are that triggers will get pulled. That bullets will fly. This only escalates the violence, damage, and death that would occur.

This is not the worst case scenario.

Many groups have publicly supported Donald Trump, including the KKK. It is likely that they will be a part in, even organize, many of any anti-Hillary protests. How many white robed, white hooded members of the KKK would be in the streets? Would they be carrying pitchforks, torches, and nooses as they march, burning crosses as they go? Possibly. But they would also likely be carrying guns as well. And who knows what else they would have.

There are many people in the KKK, and other white supremacy groups across the country. Some of them are police officers and soldiers. If any of them decided that their ties to their white supremacy group of choice was more important than the oaths they took as officers and soldiers, what sort of equipment could they grab before they went AWOL? Riot gear? Grenades? Rocket launchers? Tanks?

This is not the the worst case scenario.

The majority of terrorist and targeted attacks on US soil have been organized, planned, and carried out by white men. Bombing government buildings, shooting up schools and military bases. How many Trump supporters would turn to violence, even if they aren’t out in the streets participating in riots? How many bombs would go off? How many would wait until everyone thought the violence was over before striking? We could see weeks, or even months, of Americans killing Americans.

This is not the worst case scenario.

Worst case scenario?

Civil war.

There. I said it. Civil war. A full scale war, Americans vs Americans.

In the 1860’s the United States fought itself for four years. An estimated 620,000 to 750,000 soldiers died, and some estimate around 50,000 civilians.

But this civil war wouldn’t be as neat and tidy as the war in the 1860’s. It wouldn’t be northern states vs southern states. Lines would be drawn in, through, and around every county in the United States.

There wouldn’t be two distinct armies wearing distinct uniforms lining up in fields to shoot at each other. There would be civilians and soldiers vs civilians and soldiers. Some groups would be organized, attacking specific targets. Some would just be rampaging around town, shooting at everything that moved. Everyone, every woman, every child, and every man either be a target, or in the crossfire. There would be no safe place, no neutral zone, to hide in.

No safe person either. Who could you trust? The police and military are fighting each other. Someone like me, a white male, a civilian, not even a uniform? No one would know what side I was on until I started shooting. Better play it safe and shoot first.

Civil war. In the 1860’s around 800,000 people died in four years. Roughly 2.5% of the population at the time. We have approximately 10 times the population here in 2016. 2.5% would be over 8 million people. And with fighting across every square mile and in every corner of the country at the same time, and the weapons we have today, I doubt it would take anywhere as near as long as four years to take out 2.5% of our population.

But the worst case scenario doesn’t end there. (It never does.)

What would happen when the war was over? Would anyone survive, or would it only end when there was no one left to fight? If there were any survivors, they would be living in a post apocalyptic, third world country. No water, no food, no infrastructure, no communication. Any remnants left of the government would not be able to take care of whatever citizens remained. Ever seen the Mad Max movies?

But the worst case scenario doesn’t end there.

The United States of America, despite popular belief, is not the world. There are other countries, and many of them are powerful. Most of them might not get directly involved in a US civil war (Canada and Mexico might not have much choice), but some them might try to help clean up the mess once the war was over. The UN probably would. Russia or China might too. Lots of countries might get involved.

However, some of them might think that the best way to “help” is to take over. Obviously, Americans are not fit to lead themselves after imploding so spectacularly.

Do you think, though, that if one (or more) of those countries tried to lay claim to whatever was left of the United States, the other countries would just let them? Do you think if there was any fight left in any Americans that they would just let that happen peacefully?

Worst case scenario on top of worst case scenario?

World War III.

On U.S. soil.

But the worst case scenario doesn’t end there.

The United States has long been a major factor in any countries decision to build, test, stockpile, and use nuclear weapons.

But now, effectively, there is no United States.

Would Russia have any reason not to use nuclear weapons? Who could retaliate in kind? If Russia decided that no one should have the U.S., they could just turn North America into a nuclear wasteland while everyone else was fighting over it. Since no one could turn around and do the same to Russia, what is there to stop them?

But does the worst case scenario even end there? Worst case scenarios never end. But I think I’ve gone far enough down this dark and nightmarish rabbit hole.

So there it is. My version of a worst case scenario if the United States Electoral College elects someone other than Donald Trump (most likely Hillary Clinton) to be the next President of the United States of America.

What ever actually happens, may no one’s worst case scenarios come true.


i have nightmares when
i’m awake. they don’t scare me,
but they should scare you



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