Alright people, listen up. This is important.

It must be important because I keep seeing people talk about it. It’s been around for a long time, and people are still talking about it.

The whole theory that there was enough room on that damn door for Jack too. That Rose was selfish and didn’t let him on it, and he died.

How people have mapped it out and done mathematical equations to *finger air quotes* prove that Jack could have fit on the damn door.

Two points –

1: Yes, when discussing the size, the surface area, of the damn door, Jack could have fit on it too.

2: If Jack had climbed on the damn door with Rose, the damn door would have sunk, and both of those damn fools would have died.

The thing was barely afloat with Rose on it.

It was a door, not a boat.

I am not the only or first person to realize this. I am not the only or first person to point this out.

Can we please stop talking about the damn door now!

Thank you.

End rant.

Hope you have a fantabulous day.


6 thoughts on “i’m ranting today

  1. I don’t know about that. Maybe their love would have kept them afloat, being as they would feel light as a feather. *door slams in my face* Excellent point, it was just me being daft and trying to make a comment that was ‘adorable’ 🙂 I actually like the logic in this argument, you are right, it makes perfect sense and now I can lay my mind to rest that she was not a heartless witch who left him to drown and he was a valiant hero for keeping her alive. Splendid, splendid!

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    1. Hate to burst your bubble, but I should probably edit this post. A few days ago I saw part of a Mythbusters episode where they tested to see if the door would float with two people on it. And it did.
      They tied a life vest underneath the door, and it worked even better. (Though your love makes them light as a feather idea is much more dramatic and magical.)
      They determined that the door likely would have been enough to keep both of them alive long enough to be rescued.
      Assuming they didn’t move around too much, of course.
      But even so, I don’t know that she’s a heartless witch. Ima gonna chalk it up to both of them not being at the top of their mental game at that moment, and just not realizing that they both could have survived.

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      1. They were in love, so there would have been lots of kissing and hugging and sharing bodily warmth and all of that frantic movement would have sunk them both on the door like a concrete bowling ball. I do respect the Mythbusters and their scientific forays into testing these theories. Jack’s death was necessary for the plot, so I am not going to hold it against Rose, for the sake of generating a moving story and giving us a story to begin with. Instead, I will continue to hate that damn door and everything that it stands for. The door murdered Jack for not being an immediately reliable floating device and it will have to forever live with its decision. For the door itself, this is the school of hard knocks.

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