He appeared from nowhere. He did not know where he was, why he was there, or even who he was.

He was wearing armor. He was carrying a large hammer. He didn’t know why.

The grass was green, the sun was shining. It was very pleasant.

There was a colorful circle on the ground at his feet. He got an odd feeling when he stood on it. There were some buildings around. He went to take a closer look, but something prevented him from getting too far from that circle.

He saw a few creatures, small and greenish. They scurried around, and ignored him when he called out to them.

He wandered about in his small little area, wondering what he was doing there.

Suddenly, he was somewhere else. A dark, desolate plain spread out before him. He saw four buildings in front of him, and he started toward them. There was no colorful circle here to hold him back.

He saw four creatures, armed and heading for him. They did not seem friendly or welcoming.

“Well,” he thought “maybe this hammer will come in handy after all.”

The four rushed to meet him and started attacking. He retaliated in kind. His hammer felt powerful in his hands.

A few swings, and the first attacker fell, and did not get up. The other three continued to attack, but his armor seemed to hold up well against their onslaught. He moved to attack the next one. A few more swings, and the second was down as well.

He felt an odd rush, a tingling power, growing each time he swung his hammer. When he began to attack the third attacker, he screamed as the power built to a head, and charged out of him, through his hammer, and struck his enemy. The creature was stunned, taking a half step back and just standing there.

He quickly followed up with another hammer blow, and the enemy fell. A few more swings, and the last enemy was down.

His armor was battered, and he was bruised, but he was whole. The danger was gone, but he wasn’t done yet. He moved to the nearest building, and battered it to rubble with his hammer. He could feel the tingling rush building again. He moved to the next building, and it too, was soon a pile of broken stone and splintered wood. That tingling power was back at full force, racing through his veins. He rushed the next building. The power raced through him, through his hammer, and the building disintegrated in one blow.

He roared with feeling of absolute power. A few final swings, and the last building was down. Now there was nothing left.

He looked around. Now what was he to do? Suddenly, he was somewhere else, somewhere that was now familiar. Back at the colorful circle. Green grass, shining sun. All was peaceful and quiet. He was no longer bruised, his armor whole again.

The tingling power was gone. But he felt more powerful than before. Stronger. Tougher. He wondered when he might feel that rush again. He felt he understood why he was here. To end any and all enemies that might threaten this peaceful place. He would swing his hammer, feel that tingling power, and destroy his enemies. He knew who he was. He was the Executioner.


6 thoughts on “the executioner

  1. I immediately thought of Thor when reading this but only because I guess he is the most high profile individual who wields a hammer to smite his enemies. I like the circular nature of this and the ambiguity. He knows who he is and does not have to answer for his actions, he must just follow through with them to make himself whole, even if he has to destroy everything to attain his purpose in life. And then he does it all over again, like in an endless loop, as punishment to atone for the sins of craving endless power, searching for meaning and embracing destruction. Maybe one day he will see things for what they really are.

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    1. Perhaps it is a punishment. It wasn’t written to be one, but final pieces often have little to do with the original intent. If it is, hopefully he will achieve redemption and free himself from his unending cycle of violence.

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