Flowers die

Paintings fade

Sculptures crumble

Youth ages

Vistas get paved over

Beauty is fleeting

It’s a good thing I’m ugly.


That isn’t want I wanted to write. The idea in my head was about beauty being temporary, no matter where you find it. So why try? Why not just revel in the ugliness of life? Yet we continue to try to find beauty in life. But it never lasts, does it. It always, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, fades away, crumbles to dust, or ends in pain or heartache. But beauty is more than physical appearances. There is more to beauty than what we see with our eyes. Beauty can last in our memories, long after it disappears from before our eyes. Beauty can live on in our hearts and souls, where we can feel it forever. Beauty never really dies, it just transforms, and you have to find it again, like an optical illusion seen from a different perspective.

But I didn’t have the words for that. So I wrote an ugly little poem that I ended quickly with a snarky sarcastic line. I don’t really think I’m ugly. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no great beauty either, but I’m not ugly. Average is the word for me. Unremarkable.

3 thoughts on “beauty never dies

  1. Beauty can be purely a matter of perspective and is definitely in the eye of the beholder. I like it when it turns up in the most unusual of places where I am not expecting it. I think I get the vibe you were looking for and you put it across very well in the post. And the poem works better for its sarcastic punchline because I feel you are being self-deprecating rather than actually thinking you are and calling yourself ugly 🙂

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